What Are The Best Electrical Wall Heaters in 2017?

Heating can be a major problem for those of us who do not have the space available for the required fixtures and fittings. but it is a necessity and something that we definitely can’t do without.

Choosing the right one could be a challenge when there are so many options and varieties to select from. You also need to be cautious as there are many brands out there with inaccurate information on their products.

Before purchasing the most expensive heater or purchasing a few after a trial and error which becomes rather costly, you need to figure out which ones are the best types to suit your space and your needs.

Certain types of rooms can be challenging when it comes to heating as the space might be too large or you might have to consider safety factors. Safety is an issue for most households and the wall heater is a good option to avoid burns when little ones and even adults forget that the heating is on.

How to Choose the Right Heater for Your Space?

Electrical heaters are a quick source of heat and it is important to find one that will have longevity, safety features and that will heat up your room sufficiently.

Choosing the right one means that you need to establish if the product will heat up the space that you have in mind. You also need to go through the best brands to see if they will suit your pocket.

Selecting a random product because you think it sounds good will never do if it doesn’t benefit your home or office space. If you have kids, then safety is an important factor to consider when purchasing an electric wall heater.

If you have no idea about the product, then you do need to do some research so that you can understand what it is that you need. This will help you narrow down the search.

The Advantages of Purchasing an Electric Wall Heater.

Wall mounted heaters are fantastic when it comes to your home if there are kids involved. It can be placed on a level that’s out of reach of children, helping to avoid nasty burns and bad injuries. An electric heater is similar to a floor heater except that it can be mounted onto the wall or ceiling to give you a permanent fixture rather than that portable feel that can come with other styles of electric heaters.

They eliminate the need for alternative fuel sources which, for many portable heaters, is a must. It’s a hassle-free way to provide your home or office with heat.

Some models even offer a built in thermostat to give you full control over the temperature of the room. You can also select the wattage that best suits the space you are heating.

Features to Entice You.

Some electric wall heaters offer features that sound terrific and will convince you to buy the item, but it might not necessarily be the right decision for your home or office. You could end up paying a lot of money for features that you never use.

  • One of the features that many of the heaters offer is a back box that separates the element from the mounting point. While you probably only need one of these, a few are often on offer.
  • Thermostat options are also offered and with this you need to consider what is best for you and not what is on offer. While these are great features for some homes, this could end up costing you a fortune and giving you an unsatisfying result.
  • Heavy duty grills and tamper-proof thermostats are available in the commercial line of heating, but you can also get these for domestic use. It is important to ask yourself if you really need the extra features before you purchase to avoid the added expense and regrets later on.​

Differences between the Heaters.

Weighing up your options can be complicated with so many options in electric wall heaters.

They do have differences that you need to look at like wattage and voltage to suit your electric space. Other differences could be the style or ways in which it can be mounted. If you have a home that needs some warmth other than the heat coming from the heater than looking at the fireplace heater might be an option for you as it gives a room some decor warmth.

Why Buy a Wall Heater?

This is a good question, and only you can answer this question.

It is important to take note of where it is going and what you need it for. Buying a wall heater is a lot better than using a portable one for many reasons. It is safer than a portable heater as being mounted on a wall away from people will stop any accidents from happening. It looks a lot nicer and more compact, giving you space in a room that doesn’t have much of it.

Most of the electric heaters are energy efficient and use less fuel than the portable ones with a very important feature; an automatic thermostat which monitors the temperature of your room, avoiding pipes freezing during in cold weather.

Installing an Electric Heater.

Often the store that you purchase the heater from will offer the service of installation for free or for a small fee. If they don’t, then it is not that difficult to install and there are videos and instructions online that will help you along.

Getting the most out of your Heating.

The best way to use a wall mounted electric heater is to place it onto a wall. Finding a compact one that has temperature controls would be useful and practical so you do not have to climb onto something in order to adjust the heating.

Choosing the right size and wattage for your space is very important too because getting the wrong size will be of no benefit to you, and you might not even feel the heat when you need it the most.

If you are still confused and have no idea which one to buy, then take a look at the reviews of the top products that have been listed here for your convenience;

The Top 4 Electric Wall Heaters.

Here are some details on 4 popular products.

#1- Cadet Com-Pak Twin 4000 Watt

Cadet Com-Pak Twin 4000 Watt

The most popular electric wall heater for larger rooms as it comes with a thermostat and includes a wall can, heater and grill. It is fast heating with dual coil elements and there are safety features that turn off the elements if it gets too hot. It heats up instantly and is protected so that your kids won’t be able to touch the element which prevents them from getting hurt. There are other wattages in this design but this one is convenient for bathrooms that need heat quickly.

You do need to check your circuit breaker first as it might not withhold the wattage and voltage for this item and others in your home.

  • CONS:
  • Can be noisy.
  • Some circuit breakers cannot withstand the wattage with this item working.

#2- Broan 174 Wall heater

Broan 174 Wall heater

This heater is the most cost-effective one, and that is why it is number one on our list. It is factory wired for 1500watts at 120VAC but can easily be converted, making it a versatile heater that can be used anywhere in your home. It has an LED bulb and a 100% effective heating element which means that no heat will be going to waste. It is small, inexpensive and easy to clean with longevity.

It is perfect for bathrooms and hallways as it has a rapid warm up time with an efficient alloy heating element. The grid has a downward flow with a permanently lubricated motor. It weighs about 6 pounds, comes from China and is frustration free.

  • CONS:
  • It has an on/off switch.
  • Highest temperature it reaches is about 72degrees.
  • It is a little noisy and not recommended for a bedroom.

#3- King W2420 240 – Volt 2000 Watt

King W2420 240 – Volt 2000 Watt

This is called the King because it is so powerful that it can be used as the main heat source in your apartment or places like a garage or shed. It has been designed as a modern looking heater that is cost efficient and reliable. This heater has the option for either a built in thermostat or a wall mounted one to suit your needs. This electric heater is made in the U.S.A and the fan on this item is fantastic.

  • CONS:
  • Overpriced.
  • Wattage is inefficient.
  • Fan is the best part of the heater.

#5- Ivation Electric Fireplace

Ivation Electric Fireplace

The Ivation Electric Fireplace is a great idea for those of us who love decor and it is also great for people who need to warm up a cold room for both heat and decor purposes. It is a glass heater consisting of 1500 watts that can be mounted on the wall.

The flames are LED and very realistic with a remote which allows the user to set the temperature, adjust the brightness of the flame and it has a timer too. The Ivation is slender and can heat up a space of up to 250 square metres.

  • CONS:
  • It is rather heavy.
  • The vents are on the top which means that you cannot flash mount it.
  • It is noisy.

Which Electric Heater Wins the Vote?

Now that we’ve been through some of the options, it’s time to decide which heater is right for you. My vote goes to the Cadet Com – Pak even though the wattage is high and your circuit breaker might not be able to manage it. It is the most cost-effectiveand the most efficent for heat out of the five. This product has been deemed the most popular among consumers and it is one of the few that doesn’t need heavy installation or ducting.

If you need heat in bigger spaces and you depend on your heater to give most of the heat in your room then the King is the best option for that as it can heat up an entire apartment which would come in handy when that is the only heat source you have.

The differences between them are very little excpet for the Ivation, which gives off heat but is more for decor purposes and a little romance if that is what you are looking for. But there is no romance when you are freezing to death, so it’s important to choose the right one. Practicality and efficiency is what you need in your heating and these 4 options are some of the best buys in electric heating that can be mounted on a wall with ease.

Dorthy Robinson

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