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Hello, my name is Dorothy Robinson, and welcome to MyComfyHouse .

Dorothy Robinson

I never though on Saturday mornings as a kid with This Old House in the background that I would one day write a blog on home improvement. But a thrilling journey filled with surprises and the scent of freshly sawed boards has led me here, and I for one wouldn’t want to be any other place.

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I grew up in a family of DIYers before those three letters came to mean so much for the average person and home owner, and I learned that making home improvements was not only possible for just about anyone but to be admired. On buying my first home, I came to learn what every homeowner learns very quickly: there is always something that needs to be done around the house. The key, I think, to successful home improvement is knowledge, and that is what I want to bring to you.

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By reviewing popular items on the market, I hope to empower you to tackle what needs to be done in your own home. I do the leg work, researching and presenting the information in simple, straightforward posts, and you decide what works best for you and your home.


  • People in the U.S. spent over $300 billion on home improvement in 2015
  • Almost 50% of home owners are improving their property with smart devices – from security systems to smart thermostats.

I may have been raised in a family who was willing to accept any home improvement challenge, but you, my readers, are part of that family now, too. I hope that with my experience and guidance and your own do it yourself determination, you will see your house transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, all at your own hands.

So why MyComfyHouse

What we do

  • Give you the information you need to make informed decisions.
  • Cover all home topics, from garages to bubble baths.
  • Compare top products so you don’t have to.
  • Give you the key pluses and minuses for each product.
  • Tell you what will work best for you.

What we don’t do

  • Push certain products for a commission.
  • Stick to certain home products – we review everything!.
  • Give you out of date information on home improvement products.

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I wish you the all the best on your Home Improvement journey.​